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Just in time for you to make a last-minute decision to go on Audubon's second Patzcuaro trip of the year (November 16 to 19), Georgia Conti, founder of the Patzcuaro Birding Club and leading light of the trip, will arrive in town and give Audubon's monthly presentation at the Santa Ana Theater of the Biblioteca, on Tuesday, November 10th, at 3 in the afternoon. There might even still be a couple of places left on that trip by then. Maybe.

Georgia will be accompanied by Victor Hugo Valencia, Michoacan's only professional bird guide. The two together will present a lecture on the avian wonders of the Patzcuaro area, illustrated by wonderful pictures of the many spectacular birds who live there and are often
persuaded to appear for Audubon watchers.

Located in the Central Volcanic Highlands, Patzcuaro lies at 7,200 feet elevation and is surrounded by even higher volcanic mountains. The remarkably diverse habitats in the area support a wide variety of
bird life and many exotic and endemic species can be found there, especially with the aid of the wonderful guides Audubon provides.

Many visitors come to Pátzcuaro, a charming colonial town on the shores of Lake Pátzcuaro, for its rich history, Purhépecha people, Day of the Dead and Semana Santa celebrations, and world-famous arts and crafts. Others enjoy strolling around the lovely plazas, boating to the island of Janitzio, catching a dance performance by Los Viejitos, or downing delicious ice cream. While partaking in these joys of
Pátzcuaro, birders also come from far and wide to see colorful birds that call this part of Michoácan home. Among those birds are the: Red warbler. Blue Mockingbird. Black-polled yellowthroat. White-striped woodcreeper. Blue-throated hummingbird. Elegant Trogon. Gray-barred wren. Squirrel cuckoo. Painted redstart. Russet-crowned motmot. Green kingfisher. Cinnamon-bellied flowerpiercer. Berylline
hummingbird. (Just a partial list supplied by Georgia.)

As always, the presentation on Tuesday, Nov. 10th at 3pm will be free to Audubon members. Non-members will pay 60 pesos, unless they join on the spot, thus allowing them to partake of the first of many free Audubon events, such as talks and bird walks. Also, it is necessary to become a member of Audubon ($30 USD or 400 pesos) to join into the organization's many wonderful trips.

martes, 10 noviembre, 2009

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free to members; 60 pesos for others


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