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Snowbird Symposium Center for Global Justice



The GAIA organization was founded by the Caldera family. The four member family lives outside of San Miguel on the way to Jalpa, in a community called Sosnabar. GAIA’s mission is to bring sustainable and renewable energy technologies to rural Mexico that will be appropriate and usable for rural people. They have built three houses as part of their “eco-village” that use techniques such as solar stoves, dry toilets, wind power, solar water heaters, and many more. Their goal is to host groups long-term and provide workshops and training sessions to those visitors.





  • Introduction to the work of the Center

10:00 leave for GAIA

10:30- 2:00

  • Introduction to history and mission of GAIA with a brief explanation of their project
  • Tours of the three different houses and explanations of the various eco-technologies they are using and the processes involved in building them
  • Group reconvenes for questions and comments
  • Delicious traditional lunch prepared by the women of Sosanbar

3:00 Return to Center

lunes, 25 enero, 2010


Teléfono: 150-0025
Website: Click para Visitar

The Center for Global Justice

Calzada de la Luz #42
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Teléfono: 415 150 0025
Website: Click para Visitar

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