Tour de Audubon de Las Mariposas Monarcas

Monarch Butterfly Trip to Michoacan

Monarch Butterflies

The migration of the Monarch Butterfly Danaus plexippus is an amazing journey of more than 2000 miles from Canada and United States, each year these extraordinary butterflies find the ideal weather for wintering in the highlands forest of central Mexico in Michoacan and Estado de Mexico.

The Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve is considered World Heritage by UNESCO. The Sanctuaries located near Angangueo in Michoacan are the perfect scenario to live and share this experience, not only due to the hundreds of thousands of butterflies that arrive but also because of the natural landscapes and the efforts of local landowners to keep this area through sustainable tourism practices.

Audubon invites you to enjoy this natural wonder of Mexico. For more information please visit Sociedad Audubon de Mexico.

viernes, 29 enero, 2010

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$185 USD


Linda Whynman

Teléfono: 152-2139
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