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El Traspatio

El Traspatio

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Guanajuato, Guanajuato

El Traspatio makes Ollitas Sol, ceramic pots that water plants by capillary action. This ancient technique has been used in desert areas for thousands of years, is even more efficient than drip irrigation and only requires you to fill the pots every few days.


Organic Gardening Services

Jennifer Roberts, Michael Scott, 415 149 7263

This organic gardening duo has extensive experience in organic gardening, soil microbiology, medicinal plants, nutrition and gourmet cooking, including Ayurvedic. They offer services to help you develop your own organic garden from selecting seeds to preparing delicious meals.

Vía Orgánica Granja Escuela y Centro de Investigación

Vía Orgánica Granja Escuela y Centro de Investigación

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Vivero Municipal, Parque Landeta
San Miguel de Allende, 415 152 8042
Monday-Friday 7am-2pm

The Via Organica Farm School and Reasearch Center is located at the Parque Landeta nursery. They offer bilingual basic and intermediate classes in organic agriculture and sell organic bedding plants and seeds.