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Green Map San Miguel

Technology and Services
 3P Technik México - SIPSA
 Filters and accessories for use of rainwater.
 Aero Solar México
 Wind generators, solar panels, batteries, and public lighting.
 Bio Builders
 A business with experience in construction of country homes with alternative materials and ecological elements.
 Desmex División Tecnologías Ambientales
 Hi-tech solar technology to generate electricity, hot water, swimming pool heating, steam for industrial processes, commercial air conditioning and solar accessories.
 Distribuidora Waltho
 Renewable energy and sustainable products such as photovoltaic panels, wind generators, solar water heaters and LED lighting.
 Stylish design of homes and buildings in genuine harmony with the environment.
 Ecoaldea Engfui
 A sustainable develoment with alternative energy, rainwater harvesting and organic gardens adjacent to a planned buddhist temple.
 Ecological bags made of oxo-biodegradable plastic.
 Ferretería Don Pedro
 Sustainable equipment from Rotoplas such as solar hot water heaters and biodigesters.
 FI Escorpión
 Ionic flocculation technology that allows treatment of contaminated liquids and transformation to their original state for recycling.
 Grupo Idea
 Group of León businesses offering plastimadera, led lighting and biodigesters.
 A business from Morelia dedicated to the implementation of environmental technologies, organic products and integration services.
 IRRI México - International Institute of Renewable Resources
 Project management and consulting for environmental education and development of new technologies.
 LED Solutions
 Ecological and long-lasting products to solve the problem of high energy use by lighting. (Grupo Idea)
 Los Senderos
 Home sites, event facilities and equestrian center on 275 acres of fresh air, clean, secure parklands and lovingly protected nature reserves.
 MAXEh is an additive that can be mixed with tepetate (soil with high lime content), water, and a small amount of cement to form solid walls or construction blocks.
 Muro Rock de León y Ecosolución
 Sales and installation of ecological cabins constructed with wood substitute made from recycled plastic. (Grupo Idea)
 NS Desarrollos
 LED lighting
 Origen San Miguel
 An initiative of professionals committed to the environment that supports sustainable development projects at the community level in alliance with the International Institute of Renewable Resources.
 Rancho Las Potrancas
 Worm farm in Querétaro that offers a 100% organic worm humus and the worms themselves as a source of protein.
 Rancho Los Labradores
 A gated community, cultural and spa resort which blends with the environment while providing an exemplorary social life.
 Environmental services and equipment including biodegradable dishware and ecological promotional items.
 Solar San Miguel
 An alliance of companies with products ranging from compacted earth blocks (adobe) to solar systems, rainwater harvesting systems and wind generators.
 Soluciones Solares
 Specialists in solar water heaters based on vacuum crystal collectors for heating the water of showers, sinks, Jacuzzi, pools and floors.
 Tejas El Águila
 Glazed clay roof tiles offering thermal insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs. (Grupo Idea)
 Telesegundaria Mexiquito
 Solar ovens designed and built by the students of Telesegundaria Mexiquito.
 Tierra y Cal
 Consulting and training on earthen techniques including earthen construction and finishing.
Information Booths
 Amigos de Animales
 Sterilizations, adoptions, and edcuation about caring for pets.
 Amigos de la Presa
 A citizen-based organization promoting the continued improvement of the quality of the water of the Presa by encouraging beneficial practices and recreational uses of the Presa Allende.
 Apoyo a Gente Emprendedora AC
 Organization aiding individuals or existing small buisnesses, who lack access to banking institutions in Mexico, by providing small no-interest loans or grants, management, support and mentoring.
 A nonprofit organization that serves the poor, particularly adolescents, rural women and their families, through health, social service, education, and environmental outreach programs.
 Casas Chicas
 Home for sale designed by Chris Stone using compressed earth block and stone harvested from the property in Monte de Loreto. Includes rain catchment and optional solar panels.
 CEDESA - Centro de Desarrollo Agropecuario
 A grassroots campesino organization addressing eco-technologies, organic farming and soil conservation, alternative and natural health, community marketing, and rural tourism.
 Club Rotario de SMA - Midday
 A multi-cultural English-speaking Rotary Club working on projects to help the residents in the greater San Miguel de Allende community.
 GAIA - Grupo de Acción Interdisciplinaria
 A civil association with the objective of promoting and generating alternatives for sustainable development for urban, suburban and rural communities.
 Mapa Verde San Miguel
 A guide to sustainable living in San Miguel de Allende and part of Green Map System, a collaborative effort of local mapmakers around the world to chart a sustainable future.
 The Project for Environmental Education San Miguel Allende is educating a new generation by promoting awareness, love, and respect for the environment.
 Proyecto de Restauracion de la Cuadrilla
 Project includes cultivation of food, preservation of water, a search for alternative energy sources, and restoration of the river and the surrounding land in this village of Otomi origin.
 Salvemos al Río Laja
 Organization dedicated to conserving and rehabilitating the Rio Laja watershed and water protection and ecological restoration in San Miguel de Allende.
 San Miguel Garden Club
 A club whose dual objectives are to promote an interest in flowers, plants, gardens and floral arranging and to promote projects of civic interest that benefit San Miguel de Allende.
 Todos por el Agua
 Organization dedicated to conserving and rehabilitating the Rio Laja watershed and water protection and ecological restoration in San Miguel de Allende.
Food Stands
 Bistro Los Senderos
 The restaurant at Los Senderos, which has an organic garden.
 Gorditas Orgánicas
 The (unnamed) gordita stand that is in front of the almacén at the tianguis with organic gorditas for the fair.
 Panaderia Casanova
 The breads of Casanova are produced in San Miguel de Allende with an emphasis on high quality regional organic ingredients.
 Vegan Goddess
 Organic nut and seed butters, vegan baked goods, and all natural dog treats.
Ecological Art
 Arte Natural Eco diseño - Arte en Nopal
 Unique pieces of jewelry and accessories made with artisanal techniques and low environmental impact.
 Artesanías de Oaxaca
 Rugs from teotitlán with natural dyes.
 Grupo Bio
 Items made from recycled materials and ecological publications.
 La Casa Verde
 Art by Béa Aaronson incorporating repurposed materials.
 Prescolar de la Comunidad El Huizachal
 The Economic Crisis Collection
 Clothing made from recycled coffee sacks by Laura Reyes and Barbara Porter.
 The Rug Hook Project
 Hooked rugs by "Las Rancheritas" of Agustín González, a village 12 miles south of San Miguel de Allende.
 Vida Verde
Green Market
 Abono Orgánico de Zitácuaro Morelia
 Fruit products in transition to organic, organic bocashi (a fermented fertilizer) and liquid fertilizers.
 Agronegocios de Morelia
 Organic coffee, dried fruit, rompope, cream and fruit liqueurs.
 Agronegocios de Morelia - Bio-Plus Avocat Cosmetics
 Beauty products made with an avocado base.
 Agronegocios de Morelia - La Montaña
 Natural agave 'honey', a 100% natural and organic dietary supplement. It contains no preservatives, flavorings or binders.
 Agronegocios de Morelia - Productos Da-lia
 Shampoos, creams and supplements made from honey and other bee products.
 Agronegocios de Morelia - Regant
 "Natural Equilibrium", 100% pure and natural gourmet avocado oil, and beauty products made with avocado extracts.
 Apicultores Arenal
 Products of 100% natural honey from El Arenal, Llanos de Santana, Guanajuato.
 Bio-Bien (Toyan Rancho Orgánico)
 Producer of organic vegetables and biodegradable agricultural products.
 Certimex - Certificadora Mexicana de Productos y Procesos Ecológicos
 Collaborates in the development of ecological production through quality inspection and certification of agriculture products and processes, farming, agriculture - industry and forestry.
 Chocolate Don Jenaro
 Hand-made tradional chocolate from Pátzcuaro.
 Comida Típica de Oaxaca
 Moles and cheeses from Oaxaca.
 Escuela de Artes Ancestrales
 Teaching traditions that are in danger of extinction to young people and women.
 Fertilawn Mexico
 Full service company offering pest control, plant care and garden maintenance using 100% organic products.
 Flor de Alfalfa
 Products made with certified organic milk that does not contain preservatives or chemicals and that is free of hormones.
 La Covacha - The Garden Shack
 Garden supply store with organic seeds and natural products.
 Mamayaa Ecological Cloth Pads
 Reusable cloth pads from organic and/or recycled cotton fabrics are an ecological alternative to conventional pads and tampons.
 Marzé Alimentos Artesanales
 Natural juices and concentrates.
 Micro Empresa 'Metli' de Zitácuaro Michoacán
 Certified organic and ecological products such as dried fruits, jams and toothpaste.
 Productores de Chilcuague de la sierra Gorda SPR de RL
 Organically cultivated chilcuague from Xichú, Guanajuato which has almost eliminated the pressure on wild populations. Chilcuague is used as a condiment and in traditional medicine.
 Productos Orgánicos Don Juan - Lombricultura Aplicada
 A cooperative specializing in using worms to produce solid and liquid fertilizers.
 Proyecto Lavanda
 A cooperative in a small rural town 35 miles north of San Miguel de Allende raising organic lavendar for soaps, oil, honey and other products
 Rancho La Romita
 Organic meat products, organic cheeses, and organic wines are made at the ranch from their own produce and other local organic sources.
 Rancho Orgánico Don Camilo
 Organic avocados and other fruits from Tacambaro, Michoacán.
 Rayito de Sol
 Traditional handcrafted floor tiles.
 REMECC - Norma Angélica de Aguascalientes
 Jewelry made from seeds.
 REMECC - Talina Cuervo de Xalapa Veracruz
 Notebooks from hand made paper and recycled paper.
 REMECC Ecotierra - P. Leo de Tehuantepec Oaxaca
 Sesame seeds and sesame oil from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca produced organically and with fairness for the workers.
 Sociedad Audubon
 Audubon protects local birds, promotes understanding of local ecosystems, and educates the community to restore and maintain the natural environment.
 Sopa de Ideas
 Design agency with a commitment to community and the environment. Store with sustainable products opening soon.
 Tianguis de Productos Orgánicos de Michoacán.
 Turkey meat, jamaica, beans, eggs and more.
 Tierra Generosa - Adela Ramírez
 Honey, pollen, propolis, jams, syrups, sauces, granola, pickled cactus.
 Tierra Generosa - Claudia Espinosa de los Montero Martínez
 Honey, pollen, propolis, jams, syrups, sauces, granola, pickled cactus.
 Tierra Generosa - Esperanza Jiménez Soto
 Crafts from recycled materials.
 Tierra Generosa - Fransisca Rodríguez
 Honey, pollen, propolis, jams, syrups, sauces, granola, pickled cactus.
 Tierra Generosa - Jesus Frausto Ramírez
 Honey, pollen, propolis, jams, syrups, sauces, granola, pickled cactus.
 Tierra Generosa - Juana Paredones
 Openwork and embroidery.
 Tierra Generosa - Lourdes Moncada
 Whole grain bread.
 Tierra Generosa - Ma. Elena Osorio
 Cactus plants.
 Tierra Generosa - Marta Patricia Alarcón
 Wood products.
 Tierra Generosa - Modesta Exiga
 Fabrics and crafts.
 Tierra Generosa - Raul Villafuerte
 Whole grain bread, cookies.
 Tierra Generosa - Refugio Hernández (Don Cuco)
 Nopal (prickly pear cactus) flour.
 Tierra Generosa - Rocio Alarcón
 Lemon, strawberry, zapote, mango, nutmeg, and vanilla ices
 Tierra Generosa - Sagrario Guerra
 Wheat and soy sprouts.
 Vía Orgánica
 A Mexican non-profit organization whose mission is to promote a healthy diet through organic agriculture, fair trade, a healthy lifestyle and protection of the planet.
 Yaax Wool
 Yaax Wool is contributing to building communities based on fairness and justice.