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About this Weather Station

The Mapa Verde weather station is located in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, in the countryside five miles (8 km) northwest of the Parroquia. It began collecting weather data on July 1, 2006.

         Latitude: 20° 58' 13" N     Longitude: 100° 47' 30" W     Elevation: 6237 feet (1901 meters)

Internet service to the weather station occasionally fails, usually due to power interruptions in San Miguel. The station continues to collect information and reports when the connection is restored.


San Miguel is at high altitude in a mountainous region.  Weather patterns and current conditions can vary significantly across short distances. 

  • San Miguel de Allende Centro:

    Buildings retain solar energy resulting in warmer nights than we experience in the country.  Frost-sensitive plants are more successful.  For the same reason, warm afternoons will be warmer and last longer in town. 

    The countryside warms up quickly in the morning, even in winter.  Shadows cast by buildings keep San Miguel cool until the sun is more directly overhead.

  • Rain:

    Rainfall in the mountains is very localized; there can be a downpour in one area with no rain at all just a mile away.  San Miguel de Allende is nestled against the foot of mountains which can sometimes cause more rain to fall in the center of town than here to the north.