Green Map San Miguel

Current Solar Radiation

watts per square meter

current010:14 PM
last 15 minutes0 max  9:55 PM
last hour0 max  9:11 PM
today986 max  12:45 PM
this month1058 max  12:14 PM 2018-03-07
this year1238 max  12:09 PM 2018-02-11
since January 20091554 max  1:46 PM 2011-06-29

If you are estimating the size needed for your photovoltaic array, please use kilowatt hours.

Maximum watts per square meter measurements occasionally spike to levels that exceed theoretical solar radiation limits, even considering our high altitude. These may be due to refraction, a concentration of sunlight as the edge of a cloud passes overhead. Voltages from photovoltaic panels may also spike at these times, tripping circuit breakers or affecting other equipment.