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The decline in the real estate market in Jeju is since

From April 2017.

Sensing a distinct change in the market atmosphere, the construction companies were able to find out

From this point on, we decided to reduce the housing supply.

This is well illustrated by licensing performance.

The average value of Jeju’s housing construction permit performance is 753 households.

It’s been below average since the fall of 2017.

As time goes by, licensing is getting worse.

This is the result of the completion of Jeju housing construction.

Licensing performance is starting to decline.

Since 2017, but…

Just because the license is reduced,

It doesn’t immediately reduce the supply.

Construction companies that have already started construction,

It’s because we have no choice but to carry out the construction with crying mustard.

제주 호텔매매
제주 호텔매매

So the decline in completion performance in earnest

It’s from 2019.

From this point on, it’s below the 783 average.

We can see that the amount continues to decrease.

Based on both licensing and completion records,

제주 호텔매매 will have a housing supply by 2023.

It looks like it’s not enough.

So the selling price and the charter price are…

as of next year’s new section.

Assuming it’s shifting upward…

I mean, construction companies are pushing them out.

Whether to get a new permit or not.

I think it’s the key.

If that happens,

Jeju Real Estate Market After a Short Rise

It’s because there’s a good chance that it’s going back down.

But right now… The government’s policy is a big variable.

I think it’ll work.

This is also shown in the analysis of the Housing Industry Research Institute (Ju San-Yeon).



호텔매매 Things to know before you sign a contract.


Notes on the hotel sales contract

Hi!  Today, we shared the preparations and precautions for the hotel sales contract.

Hotel sales are where large amounts of money come and go, so you have to contract carefully.

Therefore, those inexperienced should be wary of direct trading and recommend trading through a broker.

*Preparations and precautions at the time of contract 고양시 호텔매매

1. From the seller’s point of view, you must prepare an identification card, stamp, bankbook in your name, and a lease contract when you reside.

2. From the buyer’s point of view, ID card, stamp, and down payment (most deposits are 10% of the trading price) must be prepared.

3. In the case of down payment, it is a general case and the down payment is subject to change according to mutual agreement.

4. Before signing a contract, you must obtain a copy of the registered copy and check it (check whether the issuance date is the date of writing the contract).

5. Check if the contracting party and the owner on the registered copy match (in the case of an agent, prepare a power of attorney).  호텔매매

6. If there is a mortgage, provisional disposition, or seizure, you must postpone the contract and consult a lawyer or legal counsel.

7. The information on the hotel sales is written in the sales confirmation and manual. Read it carefully as well as a simple check
You need to make sure there are no other contents. However, if the transaction is through a broker, it is common for the broker to confirm.

8. If everything goes wrong, you can proceed with a hotel sales contract!



We have shared preparations and precautions because the contract must be made carefully.
We pray that you will be able to purchase good hotel properties based on the above information.


Nice to meet you. I’ll give you good information from now on.

I’ll show you a lot of good things for motel sales and hotel sales.